It,s 2021 already.

The goal fo company Tanz was started with the dream of dancer.
A lot of event had gone through the years nevertheless dance was in the middle of the company always.
We have been experienced many during the time participating moveit from 2010 to 2019

Nowadays Covid-19 is going on already two years long throuh the world widely.
Video classes using Zoom are being taken by dancers who have to sweat in the field, and they are being uploaded to Youtube from around the world.
The dancers would like to sweat again in the practice room.
We hope the time come sooner.
Whenever there is a dance, Tanz accompanies it.

21 - April - 2021

Tanz founder
Youmi Yang
B.A , School Of Dance
Byungil Lee
Ph.D., Public Administration

Greetings from the past

The research and development accumulated across all areas of the company, such as Ballet Bar, Tanz-Mat, flooring, and Dance Academy Corporation, is showing results as of November 2017. With regard to balletbarres, we have developed and marketed balletbarres Quintet F and Little Ballerina exclusively for a differentiated consumer base. The Dance Place Design Expert Group, an exclusive partner of the Dance Academy Corporation, collaborates with experts in various fields to design a dance studio suitable for dance art. With 215 pyeong of space in Nonhyeon-dong, the new Deulsoom Dance Company practice room, which opened yesterday, represents a cooperative effort between architects, interior designers, and dance experts. Above all, Tanz Co., Ltd. is proud that the Dancer's Spirit is the basis of its business.

Tanz is working on constantly improving and developing its products. The newly launched LetsBallet offers ballet classes centered on YouTube. We hope you will take advantage of it a lot.

In April 1994, the founders Lee Byungil and Yang Youmi opened a ballet academy in Yeokgok-dong, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Back then, the internet wasn't as active as it is now, and there were no places selling balletbarre. So I made my own balletbarre and used it, and that was the starting point for Tanz.

18 years have passed since then. In the meantime, Tanz has been working hard to make beautiful balletbarres suitable for ballet classes. In addition, we focused on developing overseas markets by participating in the British Dance Fair Moveit (2010-2012) and entering the Japanese market. As a result, barreinabag's entry into the global market became visible. In addition, we have achieved positive results such as certification as a venture company (2009-2011) by the Korean government.

Ballet movements suitable for a performance are extremely difficult, and it is believed that at least 8 years of steady practice are required. Ballet practice repeated over a long period of time imprints various challenges and corresponding rewards in the body, mind, and soul. Tanz is an organization that provides dance facilities whose executives are former dancers who understand these facts very well.

Tanz is looking to move into the global market with the brand name 'barreinabag'. The brand name Barreinabag was the idea of a violinist and a ballerina from Farnham, England. Additionally, we are constantly striving to be the best company in the world in the fields of dance floors, mats, and dance facilities.