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Tanz Blanc

Dance Place Design Expert Group

Dance-related construction
is handled by TanzMac,
a Tanz subsidiary company

Tanz Member

TanzMac includes dancers, architects, and designers. Dance experts collaborate with architectural experts and designers to create a more future-oriented dance practice area.

TanzMac is a group of experts who deliver services to clients. We propose space allocation and design that enhances the value of dance through experience as a dancer and decades of practice.

Dance floors installed by the TanzMac

National Ballet Company, National Contemporary Dance Company, Daejeon City Dance Company, National Museum of Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul National Science Museum, National Folklore Museum, Myeongdong Arts Theater, Kookmin University, Kyunghee University, Ewha Womans University, Kangwon National University, Suwon Women’s University, Sookmyung Women’s University, Chugye University of the Arts, Yonsei University, Sejong University, Pusan ​​National University, Kookmin University, Handong University, Hansung University, Incheon Global University, Sangmyung University, Seoul Christian University, Donga University, Halla University, Gwangju Chosun University, Daegu National University of Education, Busan Arts High School, Gwangju Arts High School, Daejeon Arts High School, Gyeongbuk Arts High School, Jeonbuk Arts High School, Chungnam Arts High School, Gangwon Arts High School, Incheon Arts High School, Goyang Arts High School, Seoul Arts High School, Deokwon Arts High School, Kaywon Arts High School, Shinil Academy, Seoul Tanz Station, Tanz Play, Anaesun Dance Company, Deulsum Dance Company, Paju English Village, and other famous dance studios in each region with more than 500 places worked with TanzMac.

TanzMac underwent construction,
on school, academies, and institutes.

Check out actual construction reviews with PPT in a small area such as a general home or office, practice rooms, multi-purpose school rooms, dance practice rooms, dance academies, etc.

Tanz shock absorption structure for dance practice room

Tanz Blanc, ballet home studio
Tanz subfloor

To protect the dancer from injury, the lower floor frame needs a function similar to spring action. It absorbs the shock generated when the dancer jumps or lands.

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탄쯔 탄성 모듈
Shock absorb module

Korean design patents 30-1090260

Tanz Blanc, ballet home studio
Tanz mat

In recent years, as dance moves have evolved into more complex movements, injuries have been increasing. For this reason, non-slip mats, suitable for high-level ballet performance are using for dance floors. As you can see from the photo, dance flooring is made similar to regular flooring installed in homes. But there are differences. The connection part of mat of dance is made by melting PVC to make a seam. The welding method is used to flatten the seam. In general, seams with tape cause inconvenience. Welding PVC is a standard construction method common in dance rooms throughout the world nowadays.

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All in TanzMac for dance practice space

Let's take a look at the actual PPT presentation of TanzMzc Dance Flooring!

TanzMac VIP benefit

We offer an after-sales guarantee, construction nameplate production, and up to 15% off barreinabag to customers who have used TanzMac.

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Mat tape, Rosin box, Large mirror, Ballet ladder

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