Barreinabag - Solo

#for individual users #for professional #Height adjustment (83cm ~ 113cm)

barreinabag Duet Fixed balletbarre

< height control (83cm ~ 113cm) >

barreinabag Duet Height Controllable balletbarre

< height control (83cm ~ 113cm) >


A variety of prizes, including barreinabag, are given to customers who participate in the annual gift event. Tanz Co., Ltd. holds a gift event every year to reward users who send photos of barreinabag.

in a small bag

The volume and weight of the new product have been reduced by half compared to the previous product. Do balletbarre exercises anywhere and anytime with barreinabag-Solo!

Tanz Blanc
Tanz goes to London moveit

got lighter

Including the bag, it weighs only 8.6 kg,
making it easy for anyone to lift.

Tanz goes to London moveit

got smaller

Barreinabag Solo fits on top of a travel
suitcase, so it is small in size.

Tanz goes to London moveit

wherever you go

When participating in competitions,
Solo is easy to carry.

Easy To Carry

Barreinabag-Solo, which is so small and light, is carried with and lightly on the handle of the suitcase carrier.

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To the dancer, the barreinabag is like an instrument. The parts that make up Solo help the dancer to develop delicate movements.

Options for longer use

By purchasing the optional i-set for Solo, you can increase the handle's length from 1 meter to 1.6 meters.

Barreinabag Solo I-Set

How to use Solo Bag

Use the Solo exclusive bag like this.

When you do balletbarre exercises, you use this foot massager.

When practicing balletbarre exercise, some dancers use the Tanzfootmassager to relieve the fatigue of their feet as they listen to movements such as Degagge and fondu. Tanzfootmassager is a must-have accessory for professional dancers who cherish the fine movements of their feet. With practice, ordinary feet develop into professional dancers' feet.

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Compare your Duet and Solo balletbarres and choose the one that's right for you.

design patents

Barreinabag has been granted a design patent.

barreinabag patent